First Great Western kicked my cat, and my cat was not happy. He was kicked so hard he resembled a magenta mouse! In a dazzling sleight of hand, FGW then Rebranded to Great Western Railway, GWR, and kicked my cat again! He turned a curious shade of blue-green! Apparently this unusual colour is known as “Distinguished Sage”! Like, whatever, Hopwood!

Nobody noticed the Rebrand taking place, so the Great Western Phoenix rose from the flames as a beautiful, new, customer-centric company! Not a broken toilet or overcrowded carriage in sight!

The Air Con Is On The Fritz.. Again!

We started the web site in late 2012, and were guaranteed working air conditioning in 2013! We were also guaranteed working air conditioning in 2014! There was still no sign of working air conditioning in 2015, and in 2016, it looks like GWR have given up on working air conditioning! Back to the same old excuses! You’ll see a common pattern! It’s a little bit embarrassing, is it not, Mister Hopwood and Mister Mellors?

Congratulations, GWR!

On 1st April 2016, GWR celebrates 10 years of exclusive running of the Great Western rail franchise! It will probably take 10 years for us to find something worth celebrating!

Jam tomorrow, #teamhipflask! How many more years do they need?

Here’s today’s status:

Great Western - GWR - daily cancellations and disruptions

Hello to you, Mister Mark "Horatio" Hopwood, Mister Ben Rule, Mister Andy Mellors, Mister Ben Caswell, Ms Sue Evans, Mister Matthew Golton, Ms Diane Burke, and Ms Sharon Johnston. We hope you browse the site and find something of interest! You can Rebrand, but it doesn’t change the past!

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Please go easy on my cat. And the customers!

What you can do to help
If you agree with any of the points raised on the site by fare-paying world-weary customers, then please:

  • Complain direct to FGW, GWR, or what ever their name is this month, at [email protected], although you won’t receive a reply within the stated 5 days (there’s a constant backlog of 2-3 weeks!).
  • Tag your tweets with #gwr and we’ll find them!
  • Retweet tweets on the website, reply to keep the conversation going, or let @GWRHelp know
  • Drop us tweet or an e-mail with photos
  • Try not to be subverted by the @GWRHelp Twitter Public Relations Machine! Free Pasties will only buy so much Patience!
  • Link through to the website and spread the word!

Unless customers complain, Horatio Hopwood and his horde of harpies will remain oblivious to issues or continue to bury their heads in the sand! The Office for Rail Regulation may not recognise social media as a valid source of complaints, but we do! When the Social Media team eventually blocks you, carry on making complaints to [email protected]!

You’re spot on, Alex! Just keep swimming!

xx Cat and Co.


[email protected] or @teamhipflask
Feel free to send your photos, preferably of GWR antics rather than cats! That's why Google image search was invented!

The web site contains a mixture of opinion, sarcasm, humour, parody, fact, satire, derivative works, and images. Interpretation of all content is down to you, the reader! We take no responsibility for that, and cannot handle staff complaints over social media! ;)

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