The Railway: First Great Western

August 2013, and not only have First Great Western announced fare rises for September, but UK’s Channel 5 TV station presents The Railway: First Great Western, a documentary on everyone’s favourite cat kickers. The timing is rather unusual as the show is due to finish after the end of the First Great Western Franchise. At this point, FGW still insist they know nothing about a new franchise. Fare rises and a TV show.

If you’ve travelled First Great Western, you’ll instantly recognise the show. An under-priced, quality-delivering, customer-focussed company goes to battle with drunken fare-dodgers intent on destroying Mark Hopwood’s shiny new garden ornaments. These evil ruffians travel for free, flash mob trains to give the illusion of overcrowding, lodge fake complaints, and are responsible for breaking the trains. They then have the bare-faced cheek to complain. Disgusting behaviour! The ever-valiant FGW dons a cloak of truth and swiftly dispenses travel justice.

We enjoyed the show, but as for reflecting reality..!

Thanks Jo. Interesting social media strategy. Anyway! Let’s read on!


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