Air Conditioning – 2013

Sometimes, Paul? Do the above complains suggest "sometimes", or a major issue?

My. Word. First Great Western. Sponsored by Teflon, because nothing sticks.

Activate The P.R. Machine!
What better way to deflect attention than a gimmick? Smoke and mirrors to avoid dealing with an issue. It’s the First Great Western Way. Sorry you feel that way.

Let us just summarise the First Great Western bucket of bits on carriage temperature:

  • Reported to maintenance.
  • Reported to maintenance.
  • Reported to maintenance.
  • The heating cannot possibly be on, despite being reported as such by customers. Customers are always wrong.
  • Reported to maintenance.
  • Not the correct number of passengers.
  • The windows must be shut otherwise the air conditioning will work.
  • The air conditioning is actually broken. REPORTED TO MAINTENANCE.

Look look a shiny free ice lolly. LOOK AT IT. Or have some water. Just don’t complain. Sorry you feel that way. You may notice, First Great Western, that a free bottle of water hasn’t really delected the HEAT from the passenger complaints. We’re sure it’s cheaper than actually investing in say, opening windows, but your investements have always been somewhat intangible. How’s that share price?

Get Dodgy Norman on the case! No air conditioner worries as the train won’t be able to run!

And good to see First Great Western investing some cash on improvements. We think Mark Hopwood siphons off the sweat, bottles, and keeps for Crazy Days where he bathes in misery.

Unfortunately it’s 2013 Franchise Renewal Time. Even we, the optimists, cannot see First Great Western spend a penny on sorting things out, given they’ve had several years to do so.
Are we being silly, or is there a pattern here, FGW? We’re not convinced reporting anything to maintenance will make a jot of difference.

Let’s hope they never win another franchise!


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