Air Conditioning – 2013

Summer 2013. The UK basks in temperatures hotter than the regulation 20 degrees. There is more sun than rain. The apocalypse is near. The latest and greatest First Great Western air conditioning systems mysteriously develop faults across the fleet. We start capturing complaints!

First Great Western themselves struggle to explain a 21 degree carriage temperature. Explanations include needing to reset at depots (really? thermostats?, get the temperature ranges wrong, and then seek to blame single problems in single carriages. Customers suffer for months.

Read on, viewers. See what paying customers think of the advertised First Great Western 21 degrees carriage temperature. We’ll be extra generous and give FGW the 23 degrees upper limit; after all, First Great Western’s words, not ours. We know nothing about 21-23 degree temperature adjustment systems on trains, AKA big thermostats.

We would however, like to know if Mister Andy Mellors, Engineering Director for First Great Western, has as much experience as us in thermostats, i.e. no experience whatsoever.

In the midst of the 2013 summer, as customers voiced air conditioning complaints, the First Great Western PR Machine whirred into action. However, with Dodgy Norman at the helm, the machine soon hit trouble.

Ah yes, the 2013 Royal Baby. Future King George. With a free First Great Western Ice Lolly upon his 18th birthday.

But of course! It’s easier than solving the issue, right?

Some services, First Great Western? Some services? "Some services" suggests one or two. How many complaints do we see here? Even without Cat’s solar-powered calculator, we can see it’s more than one or two. Several? Several hundred?

Some services.

Some services.

Shut up and have a free Cornetto. Nothing to see here!

Some services.


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