Strange Statistics

There’s only one thing better than a delay, and that’s missing a train that left early!

That’s easy Simon! That’s the “40 seconds prior to departure”, whereby First Great Western think up an excuse 40s early, then just let the train leave!

Large screen shots and advertisements aside, you can understand why customers are confused. Two contradictory sources of information, and the only clarity FGW provide is just as vague!
Whoops, FGW! we believe the term is ‘BUSTED’?

Yes, yes they do Chris! Just don’t expect them to admit it! They’ll chalk it up to the ‘train doors may be locked 40 seconds prior to departure’ rule, and bend that rule to encompass a random amount of early departure time!

This is a lot of ‘BUSTED’! Still, it keeps the trains on schedule, sort of!

After allowances, that train is 25 minutes early! Hop on!




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