Contingency Planning!
We’d have played that one safe, and added a few “etc. etc.” just to broaden the vagueness!

These things can be hard to get right. We all know that! But start with the basics!

What of the Performance Task Force? We’re not sure it’s the same as formal contingency planning, but surely two plans are better than one?

Three cheers for the Performance Task Force!

Three cheers for the Performance Task Force!

In a nut shell, FGW’s contingency planning seems to consist of doing things after a significant number of complaints. It’s probably more cost effective that way!

Any contingency? Any at all? No? We think that’s a no!
We’re not even sure that counts any more!

Silly, Alan! That requires planning! Winter 2013-2014 was particularly bad for the rail network, so we expected FGW to rise to the occasion and implement their contigency plans. Well, being truthful, we expected things to go from bad to worse, and they pretty much did. We understand circumstances were particularly bad, so have to cut FGW some slack. However, there’s a limit to all slacks!

Whoops! Isn’t that one of the few things explicitly name checked in the limited contingency planning?


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